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TETRAD Institute of Complex System Dynamics

The Teranod Project is focused upon the investigation of practical methods of improving the containment of plasma within a tokamak-type fusion reactor.

Modified tokamak architecture for sustainable compact generation of electrical energy through hydrogen-based nuclear fusion. “Teranod” = Toroidal Energy Resonance Amplification Node. A central part of the architecture involves the formation and control of tunable solitonic plasma beams which are compressed within magnetic confinement in a non-classical “horn torus” structure. The soliton beams serve to reduce noise and heat loss as experienced in other system designs that consequently require extraordinary power sources and confinement architectures.

The Project is at present a highly theoretical investigation. It is best introduced through some papers, both published and unpublished. We are now revising this and other website pages of the Institute and request your patience - alternatively, your direct contact and inquiry will be welcome.

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